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HA3202 2-channel Modules Indoor EOC master

HA3202 is indoor type EOC master, with 2 pieces EOC module inside, each module is 100Mbps and with carrying capacity of 253 slaves, total 506 slaves in theory.

Foway2528TFSP 24GE+4 1000M SFP Gigabit Security Industrial Ethernet Switch

HiOSO Foway2528TFSP series 28 ports 1000M Security Industrial Ethernet Switches, supply 24 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports and 4 1000M SFP uplink ports; SFP port supports hot swap. It supports to work with fiber switches, fiber media converters, and other terminal devices with fiber port;support to choose web or SNMP management; support to transmit HD video flow; apply to Security system, electronic power system and traffic system requirements.

HA7208 8 RJ45 ports FE ONU

HA7208 ONU is an Ethernet product, with eight fixed 10/100BASE-TX ports. HA7208 works with central device OLT to implement integrated management, long-distance fault location and decrease maintenance workload.

FOWAY1510PFS 8 1000M PoE + 2 1000M SFP Switch

HiOSO FOWAY1510PFS is ten ports 1000M PoE Ethernet switch, with 8 10/100/1000M RJ45 PoE ports and 2 1000M SFP uplink ports, include non-managed type and managed type, managed type supports web management and SNMP management(optional) . FOWAY1510PFS supports IEEE802.3af 15.4W and IEEE802.3at 30W PoE standards. It can auto discover the power receiving devices which support IEEE802.3af/at standard and supply power to it. To the connected devices which not support PoE, it will auto stop supplying power. FOWAY1510PFS supports to work with IP camera, IP phone, wireless AP and other network devices, and supply power to these devices, supports to transmit HD video flow; applies to Security system, electronic power system and traffic system requirements.

FOWAY6000-28FS 24 1000M SFP & 4 10G SFP+ Uplink Fiber Switch

HiOSO FOWAY6000-28FS is a 28 port 1000M/10G fiber switch, with 24 1000M SFP fiber ports(100/1000M SFP or the SFP-1000BaseT RJ45 port Optional)and 4 10G SFP+ Combo port (1000M SFP or 10G SFP+) uplink. FOWAY6000-28FS supports SFP/SFP+ modules hot plug, and supports to work with other fiber switches, fiber converters and other devices with fiber ports.It supports WEB management and SNMP management Support super network high definition video frequency transmission ability ,Streamlined network structure, support dual power supply hot backup, applies to security system, electric system, traffic system requirements.

FC830AMPS 1FE + 1SC Managed Media Converter

HiOSO FC830AMPS Series converter is 10/100M auto-adapted Fast Ethernet Fiber Media Converter (Or called Photo-electrical Converter) with 1 10/100M RJ45 ports and 1 SC fiber port; it supports SNMP Protocol,Web windows administration, remote Telnet management, Com port management and software upgrade.

HA7000 Series 3U Rack type OLT

HA7000R is HIOSO EPON rack. HA7000R adopts 19 inch, 3U height rack, and supports dual-power supply. The rack supports 8pcs HA7100/HA7102/HA7102CS/HA7104 OLT cards. Each PON supports 32pcs ONU access within 20KM (64pcs ONU access within 10KM). It supports integrated management through the network management card.


HA414WT GPON ONU,offers 4 10/100M Ethernet ports, 1 CATV ports, support WIFI. This GPON ONU support ITU G.984 series recommendations, support international standards and industry technical standards. With high reliability, better QoS guarantee, manageable, scalable, flexible networking features, can be satisfied with high-speed broadband access needs of the customer of broadcast.