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What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing POE switch

          What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing POE switch?With the wide application of video monitoring, the number of PoE Switch in the market is increasing.The general public has limited understanding of PoE Switch, and the complex brands make most users at a loss. In addition, the lack of industry standards makes many users very confused when purchasing.

          From the practical point of view, pay attention to practicality, power supply transmission field is never a lack of publicity concept of the industry, high power, high bandwidth, low delay, intelligent management and many other terms so that buyers overwhelmed.In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the investment, the user in the choose and buy PoE power supply products must be fully combined with its practical application, everything from set out actually, fully consider the application of environmental conditions, monitoring requirements, maintenance and investment scale, not simply the pursuit of fashion, or simple and low cost, lead to the increase of nonessential spending.

          The PoE Switch required for monitoring in different places or different scales are different, and different purposes have different focuses for direct experience, such as campus security, home security, financial security, etc., which have slightly different requirements for monitoring, so the PoE Switch used are also slightly different.

          Attention is paid to reliability, stability and scalability. In practical applications, PoE Switch usually work continuously for a long time to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring. Therefore, if the equipment does not have reliability and stability, the ultimate goal will not be achieved.In terms of hardware, the PoE Switch selected by users adopt mature technologies, such as heat dissipation, lightning protection, compatibility, backup or redundancy measures.In terms of software, the product has strong fault tolerance and recovery ability, so as to ensure that the system can be repaired in time in case of failure and ensure the continuity of stable work of the system.

         Generally speaking, the price of video monitoring system is not cheap, if frequent update is obviously a waste of user capital, in order to ensure investment utilization, good scalability is indispensable.The selected PoE switch equipment has a certain degree of scalability to meet the needs of system scale expansion, function expansion and supporting software upgrade.

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