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How to distinguish standard PoE Switch from non-standard PoE Switch

       How to distinguish standard PoE Switch from non-standard PoE Switch?Depending on the specification parameters, if the output is 12-24v, then it must be off target.

       For example, an 8-port 6-port PoE Switch;But the specification says 15V1A output, 19V1A ultra long range output.According to the IEEE802.3 AT/AF protocol, the output voltage range of standard PoE port is between 44-57v, so it is not surprising that this port is non-standard AT first sight, and it is so cheap, because the manufacturer saves the PoE Switch chip in order to save the cost.But if the port outputs 48V, is it a standard PoE Switch?Not necessarily. We have to use the second one.

       Use a multimeter to detect the line sequence corresponding to the port or network line, and test whether the output voltage is always on the off-line line.Start the equipment, adjust the universal meter to the voltage measurement gear, and touch the PSE equipment power supply pin (usually 1/2,3/6 or 4/5,7/8 of port RJ45) with the two meter pens of the universal meter respectively. Equipment with stable output of 48V or other voltage values (12V, 24V, etc.) is non-standard product.Because PSE doesn't test electrical appliances (in this case, multimeters) during this process, it USES 48V or other voltages instead.

       On the other hand, if the voltage cannot be measured, and the multimeter needle jumps between 2 and 10V, it is a standard PoE Switch.Because at this stage, PSE tests the PD side (in this case, the multimeter), which is not legal for PD, PSE does not supply power and does not generate a stable voltage.

       If it is a standard PoE Switch, it will send a very small voltage when it supplies power to the device below. First, check whether there is a corresponding connected device below.The voltage and current are then applied to the device according to the power required.

       Engineers who have done monitoring and wireless engineering know that the reliability of engineering products is very important;Low reliability, the reliability of the entire system is lower, which not only affects the company's business development, but also to the engineering company to increase a great system maintenance costs, some even can not be accepted, causing serious losses.

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