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HiOSO Team Building Activity

In order to improve the cohesion of the sales department of HiOSO Technology, enhance the communication between employees and the sense of teamwork of employees, the company decided to conduct an outdoor training for all the staff of the sales department.We hope that through this activity, we can experience the pleasure of integrating life and work at the same time, and meanwhile improve our personal professional quality and team cohesion.

Wonderful outdoor time

On November 24, 2018, all the participants arrived at Shenzhen bay, the most beautiful coastline in Shenzhen, for extended training.In the whole extended training, all the staff showed a very positive attitude and a strong sense of teamwork.

Hioso Technology has always believed that talent is the foundation of the company. A united and dynamic team will inject new impetus into the company. We hope to spread the sunny and healthy outdoor activities through these distinctive team activities and give our employees a comfortable space to relax. Through these colorful team building activities, the communication between our employees is also closer, the teamwork is more confident and motivated, and we can better provide our customers with better service. We have rich experience in international trade and friendly partnerships with companies from dozens of countries around the world. We hope to establish and expand our business with more and more countries to create a better

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