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HiOSO Sales team attended a outdoor development last weekend

HiOSO Sales team attended a outdoor development last weekend, to  promote a United team spirit and further promote communication between employees.

                                              Lets look at the moment

Turn around the dynamic rope for 1000 cirlces in the rain! No one give up! We trust we can do it, and we do!   

Challenge three projects in 99 seconds, play their respective advantages, division of labor and cooperation, our partners are enthusiastic, into the team, together to discuss solutions to complete the challenge!


                                       Tear name tag, very fierce !  

There are laughter, sweat during The development training activities. Everyone cooperate together, deeply aware of the importance of team cooperation, in the face of challenge, never shrink back. We are together overcome all kinds of difficulties and challenges, created one miracle after another, team goal is clear, perseverance, craftsmanship, courageous to climb the peak, We are the best team!


HiOSO is wonderful because of you!

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