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HiOSO HD PoE Switch Network Monitoring Solution

HiOSO HD PoE Switch Network Monitoring Solution

The following is a model analysis of the network monitoring solution for HiOSO HD PoE switches.



For example, FOWAY1205P supports the IEEE802.3af 15.4W or IEEE802.3at 30W PoE standard. It automatically discovers and powers power receiving devices that support the IEEE802.3af / at standard. For connected devices that do not support PoE, it will automatically stop the Mast power supply.


1205P 5 Rj45 Ports 4 Poe Port Ethernet Switch for IP Cameras
FOWAY1510PFS  8 1000M PoE + 2 1000M SFP Switch
Foway2528PFSP  24 10 100 1000M PoE& 4 1000M SFP Ports PoE Switch


The FOWAY1205P supports and works with IP cameras, IP phones, wireless APs and other network devices. FOWAY1205P supports web management and SNMP management; supports the transmission of high-definition video streams; suitable for security systems, electronic power systems and transportation system requirements.


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