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EPON OLT technology has its unique advantages

EPON OLT technology has its unique advantages.With the maturity of EPON OLT technology, mainstream operators in the industry have begun to deploy EPON OLT system in a large scale, expand the application of FTTX, and realize Triple Play(Triple Play, providing voice, data and video business) on this basis, and build an access platform integrating three networks.

Since 2004, EPON OLT technology has been widely applied in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions with the most developed FTTH, and further stimulated the prosperity of IPTV business.In the Chinese market, EPON OLT products have been tested and commercialized in all provinces.

EPON OLT technology USES wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology to achieve a symmetrical bandwidth of 1Gbps on a single optical fiber, and can realize the downlink of light transmission in the segment close to the customer, which saves a lot of backbone fiber resources.The maximum spectral ratio achieved so far is 1:64.Another advantage of EPON OLT system lies in its strong coverage capacity, which can cover up to 20 km in the case of 1:32 shunt ratio and 10km in the case of 1:64 spectral ratio, which fully guarantees the coverage of equipment.At 1:32 spectral ratio, the average bandwidth of each ONU user can be more than 30M, which ensures sufficient bandwidth for video service.

The use of passive optical branches saves a lot of maintenance resources, such as computer room and power supply, and overall reduces the construction cost and maintenance cost of FTTX network.In recent years, the reduction of fiber cost has provided FTTX with the reduction of cable matching cost.

At present, the broadband access services provided by various operators are mainly ADSL and LAN access. In addition, with the increasing demand for bandwidth, VDSL has gradually become an option.The technical and economic comparison between EPON OLT and these three access modes will be made below.Other access modes, such as Cable Modem and power line access, are limited by industry resources due to their small market share.

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