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Comparison of EPON and ADSL

Comparison of EPON and ADSL:

After several years of development, ADSL has become the most popular broadband access means for fixed network operators in China.ADSL USES the traditional copper wire resources to transmit broadband data, making full use of fixed network operators copper wire resources, China telecom and China netcom such operators, is an early development of broadband access to the best choice.

ADSL/ADSL2+ service is an asymmetric transmission of broadband access technology, uplink bandwidth is limited, less than 1M, downlink bandwidth up to 26Mbps, the actual commercial coverage is no more than 3km distance, generally provide 512Kbps to 2Mbps downlink bandwidth, the main application for the public Internet.

However, with all kinds of new services, especially the rise of video services, users' bandwidth requirements are increasingly high.With the rapid growth of applications such as blogs, online games, instant messaging, broadband telephony, video telephony, and personal photo album sharing, there is a growing demand for uplink bandwidth.In the planning of China telecom and China netcom's broadband network, the two-way bandwidth of individual users will reach 10M ~ 20M in the future.The bandwidth of ADSL is strictly limited by the transmission distance, the higher bandwidth can only be achieved in a short distance, even after the "light into the copper retreat" transformation, shorten the coverage of ADSL, which can only meet the bandwidth requirements in a certain period of time, to a certain extent.

The bandwidth of fiber - based access network can be extended indefinitely theoretically.Therefore, with the maturity of EPON technology and its high bandwidth and long distance coverage, EPON replacing ADSL technology will become an inevitable choice for technology development.

Compared with ADSL, EPON has a relatively high construction expenditure in the initial stage, including equipment expense and fiber laying expense in the early stage.However, due to the adoption of passive optical network technology, PON technology based on fiber operation and maintenance costs are much lower than ADSL and copper wire.Through the reduction of operation and maintenance cost in the later period, it can provide higher bandwidth and longer distance business coverage capacity, and the resulting ability to provide more new business and bring more business income, which can relatively offset the investment in equipment and line cost.At present, the cost of optical fiber is very low, FTTX has entered a golden development period, and the cost of equipment will continue to reduce in the construction.Therefore, by deploying EPON, operators can enhance their competitiveness in comprehensive services including broadband access, thus stabilizing user resources and even bringing back lost users, which will bring more business revenue to operators and benefit them in the long run.

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